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My World

You have the key of my heart

You have the key of my heart
You make me smile,Like Im the happiest girl on earth for a while.
You make me see,See the really me.Your lovely eyes,
Makes me think everyone dies.Just you and I remain,The sun rises,
a disappearance of the rain.Its like everything is changing with one look of you
I don't get exactly what you do,But it makes me feel so blessed,
Like a fairytail, a beautiful princess who's beautiful dressed.
A shiver when you touch me,I know for sure you have the key,The key of my heart,
Hope we'll never be apart.


Welcome at My World

This site is intended for anything more about myself and my life.
Here I tell how I work as a medium, and what my experiences are
I also make very beautiful poems on this site I have ever made for the person who i carry in my heart, and always carry with me, poetry can often say more as we are.

My Dream is a true story, about my dreams or messages I was a young girl of eight years I see and hear. The dream where I now middle occupants. It's a hard road, emotional way, but everyone with some spiritual down to know that everything has a reason, and that chance does not exist.

Sun-around I tell you about the foundation and purpose of the foundation, recently I created a website on Sun-around and we hope  to work on the BEGINNING IN 2013 IN ALBUFEIRA -PORTUGAL

The name MY WORLD is taken from the Song YOU'RE MY WORLD, the song is very special for me. It has recently been put on CD by The Fortunes, I have a very special bond with them.

I wish you much fun on my website,and if you are surfing the Internet visit also my other websites: Is the site for the Foundation, with this site we hope to collect enough money to finance